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That's the Truth

 Snack-sized science facts fortified with fun!

That's the Truth

That's the Truth

That's the Truth
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That's The Truth 1.18--Extinction Stinks! (Biodiversity Part B)

That's The Truth 1.18--Extinction Stinks! (Biodiversity Part B)

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That's The Truth 1.19--Biodiversity For the Win! (Biodiversity Part C)

That's The Truth 1.19--Biodiversity For the Win! (Biodiversity Part C)

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That's The Truth 1.20 Interconnecting the Dots (Biodiversity Part D)

That's The Truth 1.20 Interconnecting the Dots (Biodiversity Part D)

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That's The Truth 1.21: Rock On!

That's The Truth 1.21: Rock On!

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 Our Creative Team

Taryn Haley



Taryn is a proud graduate of Red Deer College, and Missouri State University. Previous shows with Evergreen Theatre include THE THREE LITTLE PIGS AND BB WOLFE, and THE SINKING ISLAND. Other credits include AND THEN, THE LIGHTS WENT OUT (Workshop Theatre)

Nick Driscoll



Nick is a Calgary-based actor and a graduate of the BFA Musical Theatre program at Missouri State University. Nick was last seen as Alexis/Tom/Pa in Lunchbox Theatre’s IN FLANDERS FIELDS. 

Jana O'Connor



Jana O’Connor is a performer, producer, improviser, voice actor, and writer. She is nationally known as a core cast member/writer for CBC Radio’s, The Irrelevant Show. Jana is passionate about theatre for young audiences, and has had numerous province-wide tours of her work

Michelle Brandenburg



Michelle is an Alberta based artists who likes wearing many hats. Nothing makes her happier than a perfectly made Americano and a story worth telling!

Christina Chase-Warrier

Educational Producer


Evergreen's educational artistic programming is led by Christina Chase-Warrier, who holds a BA & BEd from the University of Calgary. Her understanding of what engages children, organisational skills have helped nurture and sustain Evergreen's growing  footprint.

Sean Fraser

Executive Producer


Executive Director of Evergreen Theatre, Sean Fraser has been at the helm of Evergreen for over 10 years. Creating new directions and avenues for children's educational theatre to come to life. From theatre buses to puppets Sean has shaped Evergreen. 

So what is 'That's the Truth' all about?

Join B.B. Wolfe and Oinkie Thunderpunch in "That's The Truth" Do plants have senses? Does lightning ever strike the same place twice? Can Bees boogie? Subscribe to uncover the truth behind the natural world that surrounds us. Based on the stage play "B.B. Wolfe and The Three Little Pigs" that toured Alberta Elementary Schools in 2019. These clips feature fun facts for at home learners based on the Alberta Education K-6 curriculum.

Stage Production Creative Team

Director: Lisa Ryan

Production Designer: Teigan Blondin de Boer

Art Asset Designer: Micaela Dawn

Set Builder: Kathryn Smith

Playwright: Jana O'Connor

Sound Designer: Nick Driscoll

Learning Resources

Educational Episode Extras


Episode 25 - Thats a Wrap! (That's the Truth Conclusion)

We can share the truth thanks to; 

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