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Vision, Mission, Value Driven Priorities 

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Evergreen proudly offers school curriculum-based musical theatre touring shows and artist-in-residency programs. We also offer custom workshops, presentations, and activities for conferences and organizations nation wide. Beyond that, we also provide commissioned works for zoos, science centres, museums, and corporations. Evergreen Theatre has been on the forefront of “green” programming for over 25 years.


Evergreen Theatre was established in 1991.  Its founding members Scott Mair, Tara Ryan, Elinor Holt, Gerald Matthews, Don Enright and Monique Keiran were passionate about creating opportunities for a larger audience to access the excellent interpretative theatre programs they created and performed each summer in Kananaskis Provincial Park. Driven by this desire to expand their audience base, and a deep enthusiasm for science & environmental issues, they formed Evergreen Theatre: a touring educational, environmental, science based, theatre company for young audiences.


In the years since its inception, Evergreen has grown and expanded in diverse ways, without ever losing sight of its commitment to young audiences and the fine art of science. While touring shows and residency programs remain flagship endeavors, programming now includes the Big Green Puppet Bus, home school programs, and Drama Camp. 


Meet the talented team of people that bring all of our amazing programs and spaces to life. 

Sean Fraser

Executive Director


Move, shake, disrupt, repeat. Dreaming up new and improved ways of doing things. 

Christina Chase Warrier

Program Director


The power of imagination unleashed. Giving voice to universal human emotions on a profound level.

Michelle Brandenburg



Seeing beauty, creating beauty. Creating works that speak to others and inspire new ways of seeing the world.


Valmai Goggin - President

Valmai is a Calgary-based director, education, producer, and Maritimer. She served as Evergreen Theatre's Artistic Producer 2013-2017. She holds a BA English and Drama (Mount Allison University) and an MFA  Directing (University of Calgary). She was the 2014 Graduate-in-Residence at Mount Allison University, and is a founding member of Theatre Transit. Valmai has directed and taught at theatres and schools across Alberta and is currently the Development Associate at Lunchbox Theatre.

Carly McKee - Member

Carly is an actor/improviser/instructor/producer here in Calgary.She's the Good Host Director for Inside Out Theater and the Artistic Director of Dirty Laundry Calgary. She's also had several years working as a Residency Artist with Evergreen and she works as the Jube School Coordinator atthe Jubilee Auditorium. Carly is a graduate of the BFA Drama program at the University of Calgary and the Citadel/Banff Centre Professional Theatre Program.

Kim McCann - Member

As passionate about people as she is about process, Kim is lifelong Calgarian and a Mount Royal educated HR Professional. With an extensive background in both social work and private aviation, she brings many worlds of experience to her current role with Avanti. In her downtime she enjoys coaching baton twirling and is very active in the baton community; mentoring young coaches, guest coaching in other clubs along with holding past roles within the Alberta Baton Twirling Association. In addition, she also spends time actively volunteering with various organizations, travelling and loves spending time with her friends and family.

Alec Reimer - Member

Alec is a lifelong Calgarian, environmentalist, and appreciator of local arts. He is thrilled to have the opportunity to support the development of arts and our community in Calgary as a board member for Evergreen. He holds a B.Sc. in Biological Science and Environmental Science from the University of Calgary, and has done work in community development, geospatial analysis, and environmental policy.

Teigan Blondin de Boer - Member


Join Us! - New Member

We are always looking for creative, innovative and dedicated individuals to join our board. Reach out to our main office at info@evergreentheatre.com if you are interested in joining our board. 

Lorne Lilico - Past President

Lorne is a Journeyman Floor Installer by trade and has run his own small businesses' over 40 years. Currently he works as a Field Supervisor for Contempa Flooring. Lorne is highly creative with visual and graphic arts and woodworking skills developed while owning a hand-painted sign company in the 80's. He works as a Set & Construction manager for the Youth Singers of Calgary, which includes working with IATSE at the Jubliee Auditorium. Lorne enjoys working with and mentoring people. He has extensive experience managing the logistics of large stage productions. He has been a member of Evergreen Theatre Society for over 10 years.

Kelly Malcolm - Secretary

Kelly Malcolm is a Calgary based theatre actor, instructor, and arts administrator. A graduate from the University of Lethbridge, Kelly has a passion for the art of physical theatre, and is part of the award winning clown duo The Tighty Whities. Kelly has worked along side Evergreen Theatre as an artist in residency, and as an actor in “Invasion of the Pine Beetles” and “The Legend of Four”.

Jamie Matchullis - Member

Jamie is a Calgary based actor, singer and arts enthusiast. She has had the privilege of working with Evergreen theatre in many different capacities as an actor, puppeteer and instructor and is now excited to serve as a board member. Jamie holds a Diploma in Theatre Arts from Playhouse North School of Theatre as well as a BA in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Calgary.

Amy Sawka - Member

Amy Sawka is a theatre practitioner in Calgary and surrounding areas. She is an actor, creator, writer, director and instructor around town. She performed in Evergreen Theatre's hit touring show Goldielocks and the Three Polar Bears and loves Planet Earth.

Suzanne Exkstadt - Member

Suzanne is a born and raised Calgarian and mother of 3 grown children who has held various positions over the last 30 years, including 13 years with a large non-profit Arts organization in Calgary. She has been a Volunteer Manager, Production Manager, Touring Manager and Marketing & Special Events Manager as well as done contract work and LOTS of volunteering at home and around the world. Most recently her life long love of coffee has led her to become a Starbucks Store Manager where she is enjoying being surrounded by the sight and smell of espresso all day long! Suzanne firmly believes that volunteering has provided her with a rich, meaningful and engaged life that goes well beyond job titles and salaries, and will continue to explore opportunities to be an involved and contributing member of the community.

Join Us! - New Member

We are always looking for creative, innovative and dedicated individuals to join our board. Reach out to our main office at info@evergreentheatre.com if you are interested in joining our board. 



To advance Evergreen Theatre as an innovative arts organization that is recognized as a leader in science based education and community cultivation. 


To create, facilitate and empower youth by fostering meaningful curriculum-based theatrical programming that explores and inspires; innovation, stewardship and sustainability through the intersection of education, art, science and community.

Value Driven Priorities 

  • Accessible Arts, Culture and Education

  • Bridging and Connecting Community

  • Environmental Stewardship and Social Responsibility

  • Inclusion, Equity and Diversity

  • Truth and Reconciliation 

  • Innovation and Resiliency

  • Authenticity and Transparency

  • Vibrant, Creative Team Culture

Awards & Achievments



Leader Legacy - Creative Placemakers Award - Sean Fraser - Executive Director


Puppet Bus Wins First Place in Okotoks Annual Parade


Alberta's Promise Red Wagon Award


Recycling Council of Alberta's 3R's of Excellence Award


Interpretation Canada Gold Award


Alberta Business Award of Distinction/Arts and Culture - Winner


Evergreen Theatre Executive Director Finalist in Rosza Foundation Arts Award


Reached our one-millionth audience member


NSERC Michael Smith Award of Outstanding Educational Merit


Calgary Mayor's Environmental Excellence Award


Alberta Business Award of Distinction/Arts & Culture - Finalist


Alberta Emerald Award for Environmental Education - Finalist


Global Woman of Vision Award for Tara Ryan, Artistic Director


 Global, Environment & Outdoor Education Award of Merit


Alberta Emerald Award for Communication, Media & Arts


Evergreen Community SPACES launches in Mayland Heights


 Alberta Emerald Award for Environmental Education - Finalist


Global, Environment & Outdoor Education Award of Merit


Interpretation Canada Bronze Award


Calgary Mayor's Environmental Excellence Award