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Artist in Residency Programs

"Tell me, I forget. Show me, I remember.  Involve me, I understand"

Our innovative curriculum-linked residencies get kids teaching their peers about science and the environment through theatre. Using inquiry-based learning, students are challenged to discover meaning and relevance in curriculum linked topics pertinent to natural, scientific and environmental issues. Facilitating the development of both critical and creative thinking, we raise environmental and social awareness and empower youth to take part in making positive choices.

Students "Grow A Show" through a series of playwriting and performance workshops over a period of one week - two weeks. The Grow-A-Show program places a team of theatre professionals in your school. Each artist offers a unique blend of science, scene building, scriptwriting, character creation, choreography, co-operative dramatic games, and improvisation. The artists will lead the school in the creation, rehearsal, and performance of a brand new, science inspired work of theatre, showcasing the students in an environmental extravaganza of their own invention.

Combining arts with science education provides a basis towards creating vibrant self-expression and a deeper, more personalized understanding of concrete subject matter. In addition to nourishing individual imagination and creativity, the Grow-A-Show program also develops a school-wide sense of teamwork and collaboration.

Artist in Residency program pricing is based on the number of classes participating. Please contact us for a quote. Check out funding options below. 




"I loved watching the community building happening within the classrooms and throughout the building. I also loved watching students who might not typically be engaged or take risks step up and take some risks and enjoy themselves."


 Dr. Ken Sauer School (Medicine Hat)

"Students got to have an important role in the play and their input was central to the development of the performance. Learning science concepts through drama provided another pedagogical approach to reinforcing previously learned ideas. It was a fun, engaging and rewarding learning experience!"

West Springs School (Calgary)


Otherwise known as "the fast and furious" version or our week-long program, we offer a 1-3 day modified residency program featuring:

  • Script catered to your curriculum needs provided in advance

  • Supporting documents to assist with prep work needed prior to “the big day”

  • Trained professional Evergreen artist directing and finessing your scene

  • Back drop, sound system and music/SFX, costumes and props

Click on the buttons below for more information. 

Off-Campus Experience

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Camp kids on stage.jpeg

Evergreen Theatre Society owns and operates a 24,000 square foot facility in central/NE Calgary which houses multi-purpose studios and production & performance space. 

Your students can experience a modified residency or customized one or multi day arts/drama workshop/s with the opportunity to perform on our Grand Oak Showroom Stage. Click below to check out the SPACES and field trips!

Want more info? Please send us a note at Let us know which program you are interested in and the number of classrooms that would be participating and we'll get back to you with a quote and further details.

We are also happy to help get you started on a grant proposal. Grant deadline May 1st. 

Funding Opportunities


The Alberta Foundation for the Arts supports residency programs in Alberta schools through the Artist and Education project grant stream. Grants can cover up to 50% - 75% of an Artist in Residency Program.

Deadline for submission is May 1st

A+ for energy.jpg

The A+ for Energy program is offered to teachers to assist them in providing innovative classroom projects for their students to explore energy topics that will be increasingly important to their future.

Grants of up to $5,000 will be awarded to provide the funds necessary to implement the winning projects

Deadline May 1st.

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